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A cute amateur Asian girl expertly demonstrates how to scrub and wash a pussy in the shower. Like washing behind your ears, girls, don’t forget to scrub your snatch clean!

source: asianhumps.tumblr

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When Asian schoolgirls get out of school the first thing they do is hike up their schoolgirl skirts to their waists. And you wonder why Japanese men (and really most men everywhere) have schoolgirl fetishes, well, wonder no more!
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Could these be real upskirts of a South Korean schoolgirl who fell asleep in class? Maybe some iljin blackmail pics? Yeah, I watch too many Korean dramas! School 2015 Eun Bi, maybe? LOL
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Japanese model and actress Saaya Irie became “internet famous” ten years ago in 2005 when she was an 11 year old girl and U-15 gravure model. The not yet teen, Saaya (入江紗綾) was credited with pacifying the perpetually angry and Japanese hating Chinese netizens frenzied and frothy at the mouth because China and South Korea think and still think to this day they should write Japanese textbooks for Japanese schools.

… because WW2, and seriously, idiots really need to get over WW2 – *cough* China and South Korea!!

10 years since Saaya Irie’s 11 year old prepubescent tits debut.
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