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I love it when photographers snap photos of pussy so close you can practically taste and smell it. Also if you’re a big nipples aficionado, you’ll really love Trike Patrol Marie’s big nipples.

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Sometimes (in slang) people will call pussy a slit. This filipina camgirl’s pussy is truly befitting of having her tight pussy lips being described a slit.

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Trike Patrol Mitch threesome.
I should make a Top 10 list of all my favorite Trike Patrol videos and post them. I do know because I love small boobs and fresh faced girls, Mitch would probably be in the Top 5 of my all time favorite Trike Patrol scenes. With such an innocent good Catholic schoolgirl face it’s hard to imagine a girl like Trike Patrol Mitch in a threesome doesn’t it? You don’t have to imagine because you can watch it.

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“The Philippines really stood out, where the average visit duration spans a leisurely 12 minutes and 40 seconds. The Philippines outranked all other Asian-Pacific countries for time spent on the Internet each day (6+ hours) and clearly, a good amount of that time is being spent on Pornhub,” the report said.

The Philippines are finally #1 in the world in something – VIEWING PORN! #1 is still #1. Seriously, the Philippines has many problems but watching porn isn’t one them. With a vibrant and growing economy the last few years let’s just hope the Philippines can grow a middle class and actually start buying porn.

下村実生 まんこ
Exclusive Seventeen magazine model and j-pop Fairies girl group member Miki Shimomura (下村実生) wears some really tight and eye grabbing shorts. I predict Miki Shimomura will be a bigger celebrity in Japan than Emi Takei in a few years.

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I’m straight (and never had sex with a ladyboy) but I still love ladyboy porn. What attracts me to ladyboys then? Ladyboys like Natty, who are such beautiful women even straight guys like myself would consider forgetting they piss standing up and forget to put the toilet seat down! Wouldn’t banging a ladyboy in her ass feel the same as banging a woman in her ass?

That’s why I’ll never rule out the possibility I would fuck a ladyboy – because some of them are just “too danm hard” to resist.

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