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Nearly every woman in the world likely owns at least one pair of flowery cotton panties. Them and white cotton panties are what you could call standard issue women’s panties. However, few look as endearing in them as this Japanese teen girl.

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Baek Ji Young's sex scandal
Did you know you can watch world famous South Korean singer Baek Ji Young have sex? Baek Ji Young’s sex scandal is old (14 years ago) but because she used the “Ice Bucket Challenge” to promote her television show Superstar K, I’m linking it. Bitch, the “Ice Bucket Challenge” is to raise awareness and money for ALS not yourself. Click the image above to watch Baek Ji Young’s sex tape.

Meanwhile, Sistar’s Soyou had a cute Ice Bucket Challenge.

An often thrown about myth describing Asian women is they have flat asses. My own opinion about that stereotype is it’s false, false, falsesee additional proof.

Small asses, maybe?

This past August 10th, South Korea held their 1st Annual “Miss Sexy Back” contest vividly demonstrating that at least Korean women do have sexy non-flat asses.

The first winner of Korea’s Miss Sexy Back contest was the masked and bouncy contestant #7, Kim Ha Nuel.

Watch the 15 minute Miss Sexy Back contest video on Youtube.

[via: allkpop]

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I’m straight (and never had sex with a ladyboy) but I still love ladyboy porn. What attracts me to ladyboys then? Ladyboys like Natty, who are such beautiful women even straight guys like myself would consider forgetting they piss standing up and forget to put the toilet seat down! Wouldn’t banging a ladyboy in her ass feel the same as banging a woman in her ass?

That’s why I’ll never rule out the possibility I would fuck a ladyboy – because some of them are just “too danm hard” to resist.

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Hot Manila Nights Yvonny Hot Manila Nights Yvonny Hot Manila Nights galleries
I’ve seen countless amateur filipina porn over the years. The faces of most of the girls become just “brown blurs” after a couple days, but Yvonny of Hot Manila Nights, is another story altogether. Looking at her galleries and watching her videos, you will forever remember Yvonny’s unforgettable face and body!!

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Asian Sex Diary finds a dainty and obsequious filipina clubbing in Paris. Filipinas have migrated everywhere. If you’ve got any game (or money) you too can find yourself slipping off a hot filipina’s white panties like Julie …

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