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Admittedly a somewhat odd fetish to admit to but fuck it, I really like pics/videos of Asian girls with maxi pads in their panties. Periods are simply a fact of life and don’t bug me out like they do most other guys, so why would an Asian angel with wings in her panties gross me out?

p.s. I’m a proud owner of several Red Wings.

Seolhyun’s Buckaroo jeans youtube video is perfection, faultless, and impeccable in all it’s amazing exquisiteness. Suffice to say it gave me a boner! Seriously, at a minimum and for at least the next ten years, Kim Seolhyun has solidified her title as being the most beautiful woman in the world – and honestly she doesn’t have any competition.

Friend: Did you see the Buckaroo jeans video of Seolhyun?
Me: I need three socks!

Some girls “shit don’t stink” and know it; AOA Seolhyun (김설현) has one of those “my shit don’t stink” gaits when she walks. Her confidant catwalking on stage is in my opinion the sexiest swagger ever in the history of K-pop. Btw, I should inform my readers, Seolhyun is my #1 crush in K-pop.

Just imagine Seolhyun nude with her mouth wide open and strutting her way to your bed … fyi: UNCLE FANS dream perverted!

(yes, clearly Seolhyun’s shit can’t stink)

Ever since Chinese-American porn star Alina Li retired from porn, I’ve been on a major “thirst quest” for a new NSFW mainstream Asian porn star to stalk worship. I think I found her – Ms. HARRIET SUGARCOOKIE. Bonus points too: Harriet is British with one of those insanely irresistible and sexy British accents.

>> Harriet Sugarcookie Website!!

Filipina celebrity Bea Binene (right) shakes her thick ass wearing sexy and tight black leggings at a rehearsal for the Philippines television show Party Pilipinas. Is it fair to say filipinas and their celebrities are generally more curvacious than other Asians?

full size

Suzy has sex with Lee Min Ho
Suzy, South Korea’s “icon of innocence” isn’t so innocent anymore. The virginal girl wonder was recently caught shacking up at the Waldorf Hotel for three days; obviously getting her Sprite filled snatch drilled like a dirty whore.

South Korean men aren’t taking the deflowering news well and I predict will make Lee Min Ho pay a hefty career price for soiling Suzy’s pussy.

And Suzy’s career? Wounded badly if she can’t land innocent “first love” roles anymore.

Bora (윤보라) swish swaying in her “daisy dukes” in Sistar’s 2014 “I Swear” music video. And some people wonder why I love k-pop!
(credit: greynim.blogspot)