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28 July, 2014

joonmali-1 joonmali-2 joonmali-3
When I first started following asian porn on the internet, one of the first softcore/topless websites to ever catch my attention was Joon Mali. I’ve got a weakness for small, curvy Thai girls with nice butts.

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Asian Humps Hall of Fame
Sexy selfies, bikinis, short shorts, panties, tight blue jeans and AUTHENTIC ASIAN TEEN GIRLS; check out our Asian Humps tumblr Hall of Fame.

ENT Magazine Nikki P.
My 20 year online friend from North Carolina, Nikki P. was recently featured in ENT MAGAZINE. Nikki makes for one damn fine batgirl doesn’t she? Her photographer, Anthony Skitz Wright, professionally and beautifully captures Nikki’s foxy and curvacious beauty.

I’ve always felt Nikki would make for a awesome modeling website. She could easily be the “Asian Nikki Sims” of internet models. I don’t know about you but I would pay to join a site featuring Nikki P.!

Nikki’s tumblr: @maltliquorbreath
instagram: @foul_m0uth

25 July, 2014

An oldie but goodie Korean celebrity ooops moment. While filming Invincible Youth 2, the then 22 year old, Yoon Bora (윤보라) accidentally has a panty slip moment on national Korean television.

want even more Bora pics/gifs/vids?

lots of Bora @
Bora @ comekpop

Trike Patrol Miray
I wouldn’t just fuck Trike Patrol Miray in her butt, I’d eat it like it was a bag of Doritos! Why I just associated Doritos and analingus together, I don’t know.

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Asian lesbians
When TukTuk Patrol Bee and Miaw aren’t eating each other’s pussies and rubbing their nipples together, they’re sharing cock together!

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