Asuka Teramoto Zero Flab Ass

We really, really love Japan's Asuka Teromoto (寺本明日香) zero flab ass. All gymnasts and most female athletes have nice tight tushies, but obviously 20 year old Asuka's stands out above the rest.

Tight Gymnastics Butts – Yun Na Rae

"Daegu's Venus" - the elegant and beautiful South Korean artistic gymnast Yun Na Rae performing her floor routine. Honestly, I could watch womens gymnastics all day everyday. source video w/ additional vi...

Asuka Teramoto Has A Tight Ass

Japan's Asuka Teramoto (寺本明日香) warming up on the beam apparatus in a teal blue leotard before a competition this year. That's how leotards should fit. Snug and god damn tight! Asuka Teramoto is 19 years old, ...