Does Miki Shimomura Have the Best Ass in Jpop

I love Jpop idol and Fairies member Miki Shimomura (下村実生) and think she has the best ass in Jpop. Her ass in these red shorts are fucking insane. Can you say drum tight butt? I really wish I could find more fap worthy stuff but Jpop fancammers aren’t as focused as Kpop fancammers.

Really Japan you fancam jpop idols so respectfully when you’re some of the biggest pervs in the world! I don’t understand Japan sometimes.

:: More Miki Clips ::

Miki Shimomura Talking and Bowing
Miki Shimomura Up Close Background Ass Shot
Miki Shimomura Dancing
Miki Shimomura Pink Jeans

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