Sulli Should Always Be Required To Do Nudity in Her Movies

23 year old former f(x) member Sulli isn’t a very good actress but she has really nice tits. Sulli is one of those idol turned actresses who should be required to do nudity in all of her movies, or else there’s really no reason to watch Sulli movies.

The poor Hallyu star Kim So Hyun, the lead actor and PRODUCER of this movie paid 10 million dollars for simulated sex with Sulli when she probably would’ve done it for free. Sulli for conservative South Korea is known to be wildly promiscuous.

The movie ‘Real’ is a huge flop but for Sulli going nude and her boobs. I wouldn’t recommend watching it or wait for subtitles because you’ve just saw all the good parts.

Sulli in Real – Pantyhose Getting Dressed Bathroom Clip
Sulli in Real – Blow Job Clip
Sulli in Real – Getting Fucked From Behind Clip

p.s. another f(x) member Krystal starts delivering some skin in the drama, Bride of the Water God. I pray every day Krystal Jung will go nude in the future like Sulli.

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