Megan Lee is the Best Dancer in Pop Music – Period

Korean-American Megan Lee known best for her youtube channel and a former K-pop idol who put out the song “New Day” which was better than anything I’ve seen released in K-pop in the last several years and an actress in Nickelodeon’s “Make it Pop” deserves a break and should become a bonafide American entertainment star. She’s so talented and cute it’s depressing she isn’t already a household name.

It doesn’t make sense to me some non-talented idiot like Kylie Kardashian is a household name and a talented singer and actress like Megan Lee isn’t.

Check out Megan’s latest song “Just Like You” released this past May, written by herself and dedicated to her Mother. It’s an awesome tune and worth a listen.

Megan Lee gifs
Megan Lee is undoubtedly the best dancer in pop music. Period. Move aside, Beyonce!

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