Asami Kondou Red with White Stripes Bloomers [18 Pics]
Japanese gravure model Asami Kondou wears cute red and white stripes bloomers with knee high athletic socks. I’m surprised I’ve never posted my clothing fetish for bloomers before at Asian Humps. I have a fetish for old fashioned athletic socks too.

Bloomers, in Japan known as buruma (ブルマ) these days are the stuff of cosplay and manga, but at one time were what Japanese schoolgirls wore to their physical education classes up until the early 1990’s. By the mid-90’s most Japanese schools replaced cute and sexy bloomers with bland unisex shorts.

I personally think bloomers should be compulsory again. They’re tradition and tradition is important and shouldn’t be thrown away like trash.

… so, Japan, bring back those bloomers!

If you’re interested, a good 2011 article about the history of Japanese bloomers found in the Japan Times.

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