Only APink Naeun is Allowed to Dab, Please

Only APink’s Naeun is allowed to dab, please!

The dabbing dance is stupid but the South Koreans have discovered it and really, really love dabbing – even their 2017 Presidential candidates got in the act of dabbing. Unlike Hillary Clinton on the Ellen Degenerate show, one good thing about Donald Trump is he never did any dabbing. Give credit where credit is due. This is a good rule, if you’re going to dab at least be under the age of 30 years old.

While I hate dabbing I can excuse the stupidity when APink’s Son Naeun does it in PSY’s new “New Face” music video. Whatever Nauen does is cute, adorable and worthy of fapping over.

Naeun New Face gifs Naeun New Face gifsNaeun New Face gifs Naeun New Face gifs
Naeun is a goddess, a real life fucking goddess!

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