[Odds&Ends] Model With Anime Body Jun Amaki and Lesbian Pocky Sticks + MORE

Arguably responsible for the “virgin killing sweater” craze in Japan, Jun Amaki is widely known as the model with the anime body … and I always thought Saaya Irie had big boobs.

I think Hiyori Izumi might have the best “going going gone” pose in the history of baseball. Can a girl get anymore cute than little Hiyori Izumi? Serious question.

The Detroit Tigers have some really bad pitching this year, the worst bullpen in baseball. It couldn’t hurt to sign K-pop and T-ara member Hyomin. She couldn’t do any worse!

Asian Bikini girl gifs
Some summer inspiration … those summer moments watching girls tie their loose almost falling off bikini strings at the pool or beach. I’m so looking forward to the beach again.

image host image host image host
Summer concerts and Asian cleavage!!

Trike Patrol Candy
Previously at Asian Humps → Trike Patrol Candy!

image host image host image host
Korean actress Kim Yoo Jung wears a cheap ($249) powder beige pleated dress to an awards show proving it’s not the dress but the girl in the dress that matters.

asian lesbians
Pocky sticks or dyke sticks? Pocky sticks, creating first lesbian kisses since 1966.

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