Harriet Sugarcookie Takes Yumi’s Lesbian Virginity

Harriet Sugarcookie gifs
Harriet Sugarcookie gifs
Yumi before meeting Harriet Sugarcookie had only kissed a girl, but of course our favorite British-Asian pornstar and camgirl, Harriet Sugarcookie had to corrupt her and take her lesbian virginity. After their pillow talking and soft kissing, Yumi discovered a “shining, shimmering splendid whole new world” and not the Disney variety.

p.s. It’s nice to see Harriet with another Asian girl. Yeah for Asian lesbians! For awhile I thought she might be strictly whitey.

Yumi Harriet Sugarcookie
Yumi thankfully remained at least bisexual after tasty Harriet and turned her talents on the camera guy and deep slurped his noodle. Yumi is an extraordinary noodle slurper!


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