Wet and Soapy Hiyori Izumi Taking a Shower

A soapy and sexy Hiyori Izumi takes a shower in a small flowery bikini. The 18 year old model and singer doesn’t have any flaws – none whatsoever. Some people could consider small boobs a flaw but I don’t. Yes, I understand why Japanese and gravure model fans are all crazy about Marina Nagasawa, especially when you consider the way she catches balls, but Hiyori Izumi (和泉ひより) is still AsianHumps #1 legal lolita.

Water Works 1
Water Works 2 – Ass Close Up
Wet and Soapy 1 – Ass Close Up
Wet and Soapy 2 – Scrubbing
Wet and Soapy 3 – Little Boobs Cleavage
Wet and Soapy 4 – Frontal Curves
Wet and Soapy 5 – Watering Soap Off Her Boobs
LQ Bonus – Green Bikini and Hiyori Izumi’s Pussy Mound