[Odds&Ends] Cheng Xiao Gymnastics and Yes Pole Dancing is a Sport and MORE

18 year old Chinese K-pop idol Cheng Xiao (Cosmic Girls) wins a gold medal performing ryhthmic gymnastics at the Idol Star Athletic Championships. Thick, big boobs, flexible; she’s fast becoming one of my favorite K-pop idols. It’s good to see her popularity surging too and people seeing women come in all shapes and sizes and more curvaceous shapes are just as beautiful as the generally more popular stick thin and malnourished idols.

Pole dancing really is a sport and anyone who suggests otherwise is a moron.

How to enter a classroom and make a sudden impact.

Tzuyu archery
TWICE’s Tzuyu makes archery sexy. This wasn’t even planned and just happened by chance and on twitter even caught the attention of two Hollywood directors. Tzuyu has a bright, bright future.

Marina Nagasawa looking ridiculously young and why she’s called a legal lolita. She’s 20 years old, so don’t bitch at me.

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Sexy shoulder muscles!

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