AOA Seolhyun Becomes DICK RUN DASH Meme

Seolhyun Dick Run Dash
According to gossip tabloid Dispatch, AOA’s Seolhyun is dating the K-pop rapper Zico.

Dispatch caught Seolhyun several times going in and out of his apartment building wearing practical casual wear. The above gif is Seolhyun getting out of a taxi and doing a Usain Bolt DICK RUN DASH to Zico’s apartment.

Seolhyun has one of the best bodies in the history of K-pop but she will now be remembered for being a dick thirsty whore in an industry that still values cute and virginal innocence. While dating has become more and more acceptable in the K-pop world sprinting to a quick pump and dump is probably the worst possible way to get exposed. I predict because crazy fangirls, Seolhyun’s fame will dry up.

Seolhyun has become the DICK RUN DASH meme.

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