Cleavage Queen Hyosung, Lee Yoo Bi Aegyo Explosion, Jimin Boobies and More

Hyosung tits
Secret’s Hyosung is officially the “Queen of Cleavage” in this Cosmopolitan Korea swimsuit photo shoot.

image host image host
The photos.

Lee Yoo Bi gifs
South Korean actress Lee Yoo Bi has an aegyo explosion selling health drinks. I would happily become Lee Yoo Bi’s battered man!

image host image host
200+ photos of K-pop girl group STELLAR in bikinis at South Korea’s most popular summer destination water park, Ocean World.

Jimin AOA tits
Not a history major, AOA’s Jimin performs ‘Good Luck’ in a low cut off the shoulders black dress. I think Jimin wants to compete with Hyosung for the “Queen of Cleavage” title. Her boobs really are underrated in the world of K-pop.

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