[Little Asian Ass Battle] Hiyori Izumi or Marina Nagasawa

At Asian Humps we don’t care who you vote for President this coming November. Dumbfuck Donald or Crooked Hillary it really doesn’t matter – because we’re fucked regardless.

We’re focused on the more important matters in life, the really tough choices like who has the better ass between legal baby-faced gravure models Hiyori Izumi or Marina Nagasawa.

Hiyori Izumi gif
18 year old Hiyori Izumi

Marina Nagasawa gif
20 year old Marina Nagasawa

Tell us your choice in the comments!

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  • BradHumps

    An extremely tough choice isn’t it because they’re similarly shaped … but I’ll go with Hiyori Izumi.

  • poppy

    Marina Nagasawa