Rinko Kikuchi In Babel Shows Her Hairy Monster

Rinko Kikuchi nominated for an Academy Award in the 2006 movie Babel shows her hairy monster. Rinko’s charachter Chieko Wataya is a lonely deaf sixteen year old desperately yearning for attention and love after her mother’s suicide. When boys don’t notice her and see her as a monster for being deaf and mute she takes off her panties off in the bathroom and decides to show the boys at the club her “hairy monster” – her character’s words for her pussy.

Another Babel scene and full frontal nude scene of Rinko Kikuchi.

and YES, YES, YES, Rinko Kikuchi or another Asian actress should’ve been cast in Ghost in the Shell and not Scarlett Johansson. Characters have ethnicities and we should be true to writers who wrote their characters, and that includes white characters like James Bond. White characters should be white and Asian and other minority characters their ethnicities.

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