K-pop Star and Prostitute VaG.NA Worth $29,000

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29 year old K-pop idol and solist G.NA was recently caught prostituting her vaG.NA. Her celebrity Korean pussy is reportedly worth 35 million won.

I sure hope $29,000 includes anal.

Why spend that kind of coin on Korean plastic surgery girls? When the Philippines is such a bargain!!

Seriously though, South Korea like most Asian entertainment is a “studio system” and idols are neither pure or innocent and most (including the guys) suck and fuck for jobs.

The only South Korean celebrities you could have some confidence haven’t fucked and sucked their way to time on television or on stage are child actors and actresses who have their parents with them on set and during the casting process.

I must admit if AOA’s Seolhyun was ever caught selling her pussy to the highest bidder and it wasn’t me I would become a “raging feminist social justice warrior” and kill me some rich predator 1 percenters.

Seolhyun gifs
Seolhyun’s tight virgin pussy is mine, so back off, motherfuckers!!

Update 4/22/16:

G.NA was interviewed by Ilgan Sports and basically claims while illegal in the strictest sense she wasn’t really engaging in prostitution per se, rather she was going on a blind date for a huge sum of money.

I personally have never met a guy willing to pay $30,000 for a coffee date. Maybe they exist?

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