PPL DaHee Demonstrates Butt Clenching Yoga Skills

PPL is a relatively new and unknown k-pop group composed of models. I’m not entirely sure if PPL will last all that long? There are so many k-pop girl groups these days and k-pop is extremely saturated with gorgeous Korean hotties shaking their butts (that’s basically what k-pop has become) and unless you’re a group from a major entertainment company it’s nearly impossible to create enough buzz to ever get popular.

butt butt butt …

Watching PPL member Lee DaHee demonstrate her sexy butt clenching yoga has got me once again thanking the good Lord above for the worldwide fitness craze.

While DaHee’s cleavage isn’t EXID Junghwa level yet they’re still fap worthy. She might beat Junghwa though in the jean shorts department.


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